Sleep Technology

Features and Benefits

The Lady Americana® sleep sets utilize the Ameri-Spring® unity with Ameri-Guard® total perimeter side-support system. Ameri-Spring® with Ameri-Guard®, the unit with the most features and benefits, means unparalleled value for you.

Continuous Coils

The sleeper receives support from all of the coils in the row because each row is fashioned from one continuous piece of wire. Ameri-Spring® gives a continuous transfer of energy. There is an initial soft feel with progressively increased firmness as the unit adjusts to the sleepers' weight.

Angular Coil Design

Pressure applied from the sleeper is absorbed without the coils hammocking, twisting, tuning or sagging.

"W" Shaped Coils

The latest in innerspring technology, utilizing high tensile strength wire more effectively to provide ideal comfort, support and durability.

Interlocking Coils

Assures the sleeper, no matter what their support requirements are depending on their weight, will be held in their Proper Posture Position. This is the only innerspring that can adjust, offering each sleeper of different weights perfect support for each on the same mattress.

Open Ended Coils

Allows the surface of the innerspring unit to contour to the shape of the sleeper, giving a supple, very comfortable sleeping surface.

Head to Foot Coils

Prevents roll-together of sleepers of disproportionate weights, giving the mattress "twin bed" comfort because each sleeper is resting on their own rows of coils.

Left and Right Turning Coils

Every coil counter balance every other coil to eliminate side-to-side motion providing a very stable sleeping surface, even if one sleeper is restless.

Ameri-Spring® provides a comfortable, body coddling feel while still giving the ultimate, individual sleep support. The weight of the sleeper is transferred from head to foot, to as many coils as necessary to hold the sleeper in his or her proper posture position.

Edge to Edge Sleeping

The firmer edge gives the sleeper more sleeping surface. You can sleep out to the edge with the roll-off feeling.

Strongest Border in the Industry

Sitting on the edge of Lady Americana® mattresses will not break down the border. This assures that interior padding applications remain comfortable.

Stabilized Unit

Ameri-Guard® locks the unit in place to minimize any movement or sway. This adds tremendous durability to the padding that is attached to the unit.

Superior Tailoring

Maintains firm, straight edges, keeping the interior padding applications from "thinning and stretching" due to a soft, sagging border.


Ameri-Guard® contributes to the overall exceptional durability of the Ameri-Spring® unit. It provides years of comfortable, supportive, fantastic sleep.


The patented VLS feature provides body conforming support for those who need additional cushioning to reduce back pain. The dual advantage of VLS makes it a vital ingredient in mattresses. It is a high quality visco memory foam layer placed in the center of a mattress, side to side to give total lumbar support.

Visco Memory Foam

Cool Touch Visco Memory Foam provides contouring support for deep pressure relief. Visco-Elastic Memory Foam is an open-celled, body heat & body weight sensitive material that helps to alleviate the pressure points. Originally developed for NASA, this foam provides unparalleled support & comfort. Cool Touch Memory Foam breaths as it absorbs pressure and gently cradles your body.

Bamboo Mattress Ticking

Mattress ticking that is naturally anti-fungal helps to prevent health problems. It's good news for people with allergies. One of Bamboo's main benefits is its inherent anti bacterial properties. It is well known that bamboo flourishes in nature without the help of pesticides or chemicals.

More Comfort, Better Sleep
It has high level of hygroscopicity and excellent permeability. Thanks to its unique properties, bamboo keeps us cool in the summer and snug in the winter.

Ecological Product
Mattress ticking is 100% biological, and its production process is free from substances that could damage the environment. Fresh

Mattress ticking that improves sleep comfort with anti-odor properties that remain effective for the whole lifespan of the mattress.

A side effect of well being
Interesting too is that bamboo yarn generates minus ions. These can have an extremely positive effect on our blood circulation. We all know that an optimum circulation greatly improves our quality of life and feeling of well being, relieves fatigue and stimulates the metabolism.


The Eco-Comfort® Initiative ensures that our production procedures meet stringent environmental protection standards. Our Springs - Patented Ameri-Spring®, Ameri-Guard® and PowerStack® coils are not treated with any oils or chemicals. Our Foam - Our mattresses are manufactured using foam produced by Natural Foam Technology™ (NFT), which utilizes naturally occurring CO2, a substance exhaled by animals and used by plants. This foam is bio-based, fully recyclable and made without the use of CFC's. Currently, there's not a more natural way to produce foam. Our Ticking - We use Bamboo®, CoolMax® and Aloe-Vera treated mattress ticking which is 100% biological, and its production process is free from substances that could damage the environment.

Lady Americana's commitment is to leave the smallest environmental footprint as possible. All of our waste is recycled.

Other Features

  • Temperature & weight sensitive material.
  • No motion transfer, eliminates partner body movement.
  • Pressure relieving body conforming support & increases circulation by reducing pressure points.
  • No body impressions.
  • Allergen resistant.
  • Removable & washable cover.