Lady Americana Collection

The Lady Americana Bronze Collection uses cutting edge technology to provide maximum comfort and support from the top down. With a luxurious cashmere cover, several layers of technologically advanced foam, and our patented Visco Lumbar Support system, every Bronze mattress also includes our patented steel-encased Ameri-spring unit, which reduces pressure points, inhibits motion transfer, and provides up to 20% more usable sleeping area.

Comfort Technology

A good night’s sleep is priceless. It can help you feel better, look better, get more done, and live longer, and perhaps the most important factor in getting that good night’s sleep is the quality of the mattress you’re sleeping on. We believe you will find, as countless others have, that the quality, innovation, and technology built into every Lady Americana will give you that good night’s sleep, night after night, for a surprisingly affordable price.


bluefoamAn extraordinarily effective fiber-based moisture management system, high performance Coolmax® continually wicks perspiration away from your body and spreads it throughout the total fabric, allowing it to evaporate quickly. The result is a more restful sleep in a cooler, drier environment.

Cashmere Cover

cashmereThis four-way knit stretch cover is infused with cashmere, a soft, luxurious, ultra-fine natural fiber with the unique property of helping regulate your sleeping temperature, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. A very durable fabric, cashmere also gets softer and more luxurious with age.

Support Technology

Through constant research and innovation, Lady Americana has developed breakthrough products in the bedding industry. The patented Ameri-Spring and Ameri-Guard Systems, for example, dramatically reduce motion transfer and provide up to 20% more sleeping surface. From initial design to selection of materials to fabrication, Lady Americana builds mattresses and foundations that provide deeper, more restful sleep, greater durability, and the smallest ecological footprint of any manufacturer in the industry.


ameri-springsEach row of interlocking coils in this innovative design is built from a single piece of specially designed, heat-tempered, heavy-gauge steel wire. Weight placed anywhere on this dense mesh of springs is passed off to the entire mattress, eliminating motion transfer and reducing stress on individual coils, providing maximum comfort and dramatically extending the life of the mattress.


ameri-guardA row of interlocking coils made of heavy-gauge, heat-tempered steel wire surrounds the mattress, providing support at every point on the perimeter and preventing border collapse, even under heavy weight. This extra edge support maintains firm, straight edges, provides up to 20% more sleeping area, significantly delays metal fatigue, and adds years of life to the mattress.